EODev revealed today (August 3), family-owned, Kennards Hire has purchased two of its GEH2® generators, becoming the first-to-market the EODev’s technology in Australia, with hopes of seeing the wider adoption of hydrogen as substitute for diesel power generation.

In December 2021, EODev entered the Australian market when it supplied three of its GEH2 generators to Blue Diamond Machinery, with plans of distributing and maintaining the generators to construction sites, the mining industry, and sporting and cultural events.

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Brian Hardy, Head of Specialist at Kennards Hire, said, “With the increased focus on delivering sustainable options for the construction industry, the nature of rental is already considered a favourable decision for customers who want to ensure their projects are as green as possible.

“Through Kennards Hire, equipment rental products such as the GEH2 hydrogen power generator are now becoming a more viable sustainable solutions option. Being the first in the Australian hire industry to offer an alternative, clean energy, zero-emissions solution for large-scale projects highlights how hire is an integral part of the circular economy.”

Jérémie Lagarrigue, CEO of EODev, added, “At EODev, our strong belief is that innovation will only be meaningful if it is shared and made accessible to the widest possible audience. This is why we industrialise our solutions, and why we’re delighted that hire and rental companies like Kennards Hire are showing the way forward, which will hopefully inspire many other such businesses across the world.”

The announcement of its technology further venturing into Australia comes after EODev revealed its GENH2 generator was used to power a lighting system on the set of a Netflix series in France last May (2021).

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