Following funding received earlier this year (2022) from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), Aurora attracted funding from the likes of Williams, Shell Ventures, Chevron Technology Ventures, and the George Kaiser Family Foundation.

H2 View understands the capital raised in the funding round led by Energy Innovation Capital, will be used to build and operate a 200kg of hydrogen per day demonstration plant for trialling in Edmonton, Canada.

According to the firm, its proprietary microwave pyrolysis hydrogen and solid carbon technology generates no carbon dioxide emissions and consumes no water, and uses 80% less water than electrolysis, making it highly scalable with potential to be supply various applications with hydrogen.

Andrew Gillis, CEO of Aurora Hydrogen, commented, “At Aurora, we are producing low-cost hydrogen at the point of use, at the exact scale required, and without generating any carbon dioxide.

“We use existing energy pipelines and distribution systems to move the energy, then produce hydrogen where it’s needed, eliminating the need for any new costly hydrogen transportation infrastructure.”

Christopher Smith, Managing Director at Energy Innovation Capital, said, “Aurora’s novel and thermodynamically sound approach has the opportunity to decarbonise the current carbon intensive hydrogen industry and lead the commercialisation of new low-carbon hydrogen applications.

“The team at Aurora is uniquely positioned to produce hydrogen in one of the fastest, most economical and cleanest ways ever seen on the market.


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