Unveiled today (May 4), ATOME has signed a 60MW Power Purchase Agreement that will progress the pathway forward in creating green hydrogen and ammonia whilst turning the country into as hub for clean technologies.

The project will be situated in Villeta, 35km south from the capital Asuncion, is an important industrial centre, home to major fertiliser and cement companies and the main shipping port for exports from Paraguay.

Whilst the 60MW facility in its own right is of world scale, the signing of this watershed agreement represents the first in a series of ATOME’s programme for large scale green hydrogen and ammonia production units.

In addition to the 250MW+ projected facility in Paraguay utilising available power from the ITAIPU hydroelectric dam, the “second largest dam” by output in the world, in respect of which planning work has already commenced.

Olivier Mussat, CEO of ATOME, said, “As we continue to develop our 250MW+ projects in Paraguay, the opportunity to interpose and add 60MW now with this new site in Villeta is very attractive.

“In itself, this facility would be of world scale in its own right. Villeta with the readily available renewable power is a perfect site to fast track ATOME’s first project as it is very convenient for all types of potential off-taker.

“At 60MW Villeta is also right-sized, enabling us to build our facilities rapidly, with minimal infrastructure build out and opens the opportunity to supply both the domestic and export markets.”

Felix Sosa, President of ANDE, said, “We are very pleased with the signing of this contract with ATOME, which is the largest power contract signed to date in a key step for the large-scale production of green hydrogen and ammonia.

“This project is not only aligned with the National Policy of using our clean and renewable electricity to promote the economic development of the country, but it also strategically supports the Government’s goals for the decarbonisation of Paraguay’s economy within the framework of the Paris Agreement.”

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