The Handbook, unveiled today (Feb 10), provides up-to-date and practical information exploring the possible economic benefits from using hydrogen as an alternative, low-emission fuel.

This also recognises its potential across multiple different sectors ranging from mobility to industrial processes.

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ANZ has also stated that the Handbook reports on the growing momentum within the public and private sector supporting the development of large-scale hydrogen projects whilst also noting the key transitional challenges including hydrogen production costs and the time frame.

John Hirjee Executive Director of Resource, Energy and Infrastructure at ANZ and lead author, said, “Hydrogen will play a key role in the decarbonisation of the global economy and presents an immeasurable commercial opportunity.

“As hydrogen emits no carbon emissions when burnt, it has broad commercial applications across transport, heavy industry and manufacturing.

“Australia’s ample wind and solar resources, as well as land mass, means the local industry has a natural advantage and potential to become a key exporter of hydrogen.

“There’s a significant opportunity for Australia as key trading partners in Asia including Japan and South Korea have developed national sustainability plans with hydrogen as a key alternative energy source.

“ANZ is committed to helping customers across the region navigate challenges and the development of new technologies, products and services in the new hydrogen economy.”


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