The industrial gas giant today (March 22) released its ADVACE plan that spotlights four key priorities of financial performance, decarbonisation, technological innovation and actively engaging with stakeholders, customers and shareholders.

Decarbonisation is a prominent focus for the industrial gas giant throughout its ADVANCE plan. Within its commitment, Air Liquide states that half of its industrial investments will be dedicated to the energy transition, confirms that hydrogen will play a decisive part in its business, and re-emphasises ambitions to reach carbon neutrality by 2050.

Specifically, hydrogen mobility will be high on the agenda for Air Liquide in the next three years. Heavy-duty hydrogen mobility in-particular has been outlined as a “high potential” market.

Benoît Potier, Chairman and CEO of Air Liquide, said, “In a world transformed by the Covid epidemic, and marked by a geopolitical crisis whose dimension of humanitarian disaster is overwhelming, we have to act today but also keep preparing for the future.”

“With ADVANCE, financial performance as well as environmental and societal performance are combined in our objectives. For Air Liquide, building the future means delivering strong financial results, as it is a condition to our durability and our ability to invest for the future; but it also means to act as a leader in decarbonisation of the industry, to promote progress through technological innovation and act for all.”

Potier continued, “With ADVANCE, Air Liquide is opening a new chapter of its history by linking inseparably growth and a sustainable future.”

Publication of Air Liquide’s ADVANCE plan comes just under a month on from the publication of its environmental, social and governance (ESG) objectives, in which is committed to accelerating its hydrogen developments to at least triple its turnover to more the €6bn by 2035.

Further to that, the plan at the time outlined a goal to bring its total electrolysis capacity to 3GW by 2030 and leverage on capturing CO2, accelerating low-carbon hydrogen production through electrolysis or by using renewable feedstock such as biomethane.

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