B&W has signed a teaming agreement with Newpoint Gas, which will see it serve as a foundational technology partner, as well as provide advanced hydrogen generation, decarbonisation and combustion technologies to the ex US Department of Energy (DOE), Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant site.

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H2 View understands under the agreement, B&W will supply its BrightLoopTM technology for hydrogen production and to isolate carbon dioxide for storage, we well as supply a steam generator, utilising the firm’s BrightGenTM hydrogen combustion technology.

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Once complete, the site, dubbed the h2Trillium Energy and Manufacturing (h2TEAM) complex is expected to operate as an integrated energy decarbonised hydrogen and closed loop manufacturing facility, generating clean hydrogen and capturing carbon dioxide for reuse.

Wiley Rhodes, CEO of Newpoint Gas, said, “We appreciate Babcock & Wilcox and the opportunity to develop the h2TEAM project. The addition of B&W builds on the momentum for this project and sets the foundation for visionary industries to continue to come together and bring several hundred clean energy jobs to central Appalachia.

“The reindustrialisation of the Portsmouth facility not only presents an enormous opportunity for industry, but also has a chance to be the single most impactful driver of economic growth and stability for this region in a generation.”

The project falls under Newpoint’s ATH2 Regional Clean Hydrogen Hub initiative, launched in March 2022 which sees the company and its technical partners, such as, B&W, intend to pursue a slice of the $8bn funding from the US DOE from its Hydrogen Hub grant.

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