This new agreement is recognised as an expansion of a previous deal and thus will support the goal of producing clean hydrogen from aging offshore oil assets.

In doing so, it could dramatically reduce the costs associated with creating clean hydrogen and promote sustainable growth.

Hertford King, Chairman of Clear Hydrogen UK, said, “We look forward to the jobs and economic security this will bring to the UK using Proton’s low cost, carbon negative technology to leverage the equipment, assets, offshore knowledge, and people who already support the UK’s offshore energy production.

“Our intention is for CHUK to be an important component of the UK’s drive to become low carbon energy independent, and our agreement with Proton is a big step in helping us achieve this goal.”

Grant Strem, Chairman of Proton Technologies, said, “Our mission is to proliferate this hugely scalable clean energy technology worldwide as fast as we can afford to. We like partnering with decisive and capable groups like CHUK to fill offtake deals already in advanced discussions.

“Adapting Proton’s hardware solutions to an offshore setting is easily within the technical grasp of experts in the UK, and this partnership with CHUK is good news for the environment and the UK economy generally.

“The energy sector is roughly $10 trillion per year. We expect to produce hydrogen at a lower energy cost than natural gas; the implications of this are profound.”