In collaboration with Indian automotive firm Ashok Leyland and Ballard Power Systems, Adani has said it will launch a pilot project to develop the India’s ‘first’ hydrogen-powered mining truck.

The project is set to be led by Adani Enterprises Limited (AEL), where the vehicle will utilise Ballard’s 120kW FCMove™ fuel cell engine, with Ashok Leyland set to supply the vehicle platform and technical support.

Anticipated to be released in India this year (2023), H2 View understands the vehicle is expected to weigh 55 tonnes, equipped with three hydrogen tanks offering a 200km working range.

Ballard and Adani signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in February last year (2022) to explore hydrogen fuel cell solutions in mobility and industrial application in India.

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“After signing an MoU with the Adani Group last year, we are eager to move our partnership forward and welcome the chance to cooperate with cutting-edge businesses like Adani,” said Randy MacEwen, CEO of Ballard Power Systems. “Our technology offers a strong value proposition for their heavy-duty mining truck with our zero emission engines providing long range, rapid refuelling, and heavy payload capabilities.”

Vinay Prakash, Director of AEL and CEO of Adani Natural Resources said the project holds a strong promise for India’s energy future and aligns with the company’s goal of accelerating the use of hydrogen fuel cell technologies in commercial transport systems.

Prakash commented, “This experience of handling hydrogen as a fuel for commercial fleets not only prepones the advent of hydrogen technology for the mining and logistic sector in the country but will also enable other businesses to opt for long-term sustainable solutions transitioning fleets in ports, airports, and in their industrial operations.”

In partnership with TotalEnergies, Adani announced in June 2022 that is planned to invest over $50bn over the next decade in green hydrogen and an associated ecosystem, establishing production capacity of up to one million tonnes per year.

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Dr. Saravanan, Chief Technology Officer at Ashok Leyland, added,  “With our track record of developing unique and new products, Ballard’s technological expertise in fuel cells, and Adani’s unwavering dedication to hydrogen, there is a significant opportunity for India to decarbonise both goods and passenger transportation.”

Mining: An opportunity to break ground on hydrogen mobility?

2022 saw a real shift in momentum behind hydrogen as a key decarbonisation tool for hard-to-abate sectors. With attention from both industry, governments, and the general public alike looking to mobility as a sector to have its emissions tackled by the energy carrier, the wheels look to be in motion.

Despite the numerous deployments of trucks and buses, as well as renderings of flashy cars, one truly notable moment come in the form of something a somewhat larger. In May (2022), global mining giant Anglo America unveiled its prototype of what it said was the ‘world’s largest’ hydrogen-powered mine haulage truck…

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