By producing hydrogen at the Sarawak site, the annual production of the project could see 7,000 of green hydrogen tonnes per year enter the Malaysian markets in addition to being exported.

This could be a major development for the region with Asia ramping up demand for hydrogen with multiple projects and innovations sending shockwaves throughout the industry.

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In addition to this, 630,000 tonnes of green ammonia and 600,000 tonnes of blue ammonia will be generated that could support deeper decarbonisation in Malaysia.

Lotte, Samsung, and POSCO plan to take the lead in introducing clean hydrogen in Korea by developing overseas clean hydrogen projects in cooperation with major overseas clients.

The hydrogen produced from these overseas deals will be exported back to Korea to support its growing hydrogen community.

Kim Yeon-seop, Head of Lotte Chemical’s ESG management division, said, “I am delighted to be able to carry out this business in cooperation with companies with the best expertise in each field.

“We will take the lead in revitalising the hydrogen economy of Korea and creating an eco-friendly ecosystem based on the efficient production capabilities that we have cultivated through the operation of the production base.”

Park Cheon-hong, Head of Samsung Engineering’s Solution Business Division, said, “I am delighted to have achieved the first fruit of collaboration for the introduction of clean hydrogen overseas.

“We will strengthen our status as a ‘Green Solution Provider’ through strategic alliances and technology security in the hydrogen and carbon neutral field.”


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