Dubbed Hydrogen City, the project is being developed by Green Hydrogen international (GHI) and will include integrated green hydrogen production, storage, and transportation capabilities with a 60GW capacity and able to produce 2.5 billion kilogrammes of green hydrogen each year.

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$6bn hydrogen projects to boost the hydrogen economy in Texas

Should this project be pursued, it marks a crucial development of the US hydrogen industry and with 60GW capacity it could significant help scale the production of hydrogen in the nation and put Texas on the map for hydrogen innovation.

Included within the project is the development of a hydrogen storage facility in the Piedras Pintas Salt Dome.

From this facility, pipelines will deliver the green hydrogen to Corpus Christi and Brownsville where it will be turned into green ammonia, sustainable aviation fuel and other fuels.

This also opens up opportunities to potentially be directly transported to hydrogen power plants and other users around the state.

The project is predicted to be constructed in several phases according to GHI with the first phase expected to commence operations in 2026 with an initial capacity of 2GW in production and two storage caverns.

Once fully operational, it is expected that over 50 caverns will have been created at the Piedras Pintas salt dome providing up to 6TWh of energy storage.

The company has also revealed that negotiations are underway to supply the green hydrogen for various projects including sustainable rocket fuel, ammonia for fertiliser, and fuel switching in power plants.

Brian Maxwell, founder and CEO of Green Hydrogen international, said, “Hydrogen City is a massive, world class undertaking that will put Texas on the map as a leading green hydrogen producer.

“Texas has been the world leader in energy innovation for over 100 years and this project is intended to cement that leadership for the next century and beyond.”

Andy Steinhubl, Board Member of Green Hydrogen international, said, “Hydrogen City is a project perfectly positioned near low-cost renewable resources, plenty of available land, salt domes, and proximity to the large energy port of Corpus Christi.

“It will be a world cost leader and position GHI to take advantage of the growing demand for green hydrogen.”

North American Hydrogen Summit

H2 View is taking its events platform to America’s original clean hydrogen hub of California. Together with the California Fuel Cell Partnership (CaFCP), we will stage our North American Hydrogen Summit in San Francisco on July 14-15.

As our summit theme Building Bridges: Hydrogen hubs and investment suggests, the event will explore the $8bn of funding announced to create at least four regional hydrogen hubs in the US. These hubs will turbo-charge the nation’s progress toward heavy trucking and industrial sectors that run without producing carbon pollution – and they may just provide the path forward to a hydrogen-fuelled future.

With California and Texas vying to be America’s hydrogen capital today, where are the hubs of tomorrow? Further still, what can other states, and countries, learn from California’s success story? And how can we build bridges to a successful flow of international investment?

Full information about this event including attendance and sponsorship packages can be found here.