Marking a milestone moment for zero-emissions transportation in the state, the achievement means that those driving a fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) in the region will now have many more options when it comes to filling up.

Setting the stage for hydrogen mobility, California has long been committed to hydrogen station developments. However, throughout the years the number of stations has regularly been fluctuating due to stations going online, but then going offline.

That being said, the magic number 50 here to stay – and will only grow!

With the opening of more stations, those looking to switch their diesel or gasoline vehicle to a cleaner alternative maybe more inclined to take the hydrogen route, rather than opting for a battery electric vehicle.

When it comes to switching to hydrogen vehicles, ease is everything. Through opting for a fuel cell electric vehicle, the driving and filling experience almost mirrors that of a traditional vehicle, meaning no changes to usual operations.

The push for hydrogen vehicles and the supporting infrastructure is stronger now than ever if the state is to meet its various zero-emissions vehicles goals, with diesel or gasoline-powered vehicles set to be abolished off the Californian market by 2025.

Just last month, Senator Newman, Senator Archuleta and California State Assembly Sharon Quirk-Silva, who have called on California Governor Gavin Newsom for funding to support hydrogen infrastructure developments in the region.

Whilst plans for more funding are still under negotiation, it goes without saying that more stations, mean more hydrogen availability and more reasons why Californians could be tempted to switch to hydrogen vehicles.


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