MH:EK is a two-year project, expected to be completed in 2022, that will showcase how hydrogen can be used as a zero-emission energy within the Milford Haven Waterway.

Hydrogen will be used as a fuel source for vehicles, heat, and power throughout the project.

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Two key demonstration projects are being utilised to exhibit the potential use of hydrogen in a net zero society.

The first project will see the practical application of hydrogen technology by testing the feasibility of two hydrogen fuel cell powered RASA cars.

Built by Welsh company Riversimple, the group will operate a fleet of cars in and around the Haven, using the green hydrogen electrolyser and refuelling facility now installed on Mackerel Quay on the Port estate.

As well as this, a demonstration project will showcase the role that hydrogen will play in decarbonising the way we heat our homes and businesses.

This heating system is a world-first demonstration combining a hydrogen boiler with a heat pump and smart controls to deliver low carbon heating at the lowest possible cost.

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