Revealed today (Feb 7), HySynergy Phase II is expected to produce green hydrogen for zero emission mobility and as refinery input, but production of ammonia and methanol as PtX products is also being considered.

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Everfuel awarded €6m for establishment of hydrogen production facility in Denmark

Upon its realisation, the combined facility will have the capacity to lower the Danish land-based transport sector related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by nearly 5% by 2025.

Approximately 20% of the green hydrogen produced at the facility will be dedicated to direct usage as pure hydrogen for zero emission mobility, while 80% will be used as feedstock for the fuel refining processes.

The new facility can also provide oxygen for on-site carbon capture by an oxyfuel process and a 25% reduction of the Fredericia refinery emissions by using the green hydrogen for production of gasoline, diesel, DME and M85 with a lower carbon footprint.

The next step towards getting the approval from Energinet is the so-called pre-construction agreement which will also start the materialisation of the grid connection.

Uffe Borup, Chief Technology Officer at Everfuel, said, “The undertaking of the 350MW power connection to HySynergy Phase II is an exciting next step in materialising the PtX ambitions in Denmark.

”The Danish Government’s new PtX strategy requires substantial investments in the grid infrastructure, but we are pleased with Energinet’s screening report stating that the grid will be ready for connecting the 350MW.

“Once the PtX plant is operational it will contribute considerably to better utilise the Danish renewable energy resources.”


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