That’s according to new research for Delta-EE, which states that with over 6GW of announced hydrogen projects due to come onstream by the end of 2024, there must be a focus on providing a policy environment that allows these plans to reach reality.

As outlined by the new energy research and consulting company, 115 projects – with a combined potential electrolyser capacity of 2,128MW – are due to become operational in 2022 and 2023. However, only 37% of these have reached a final investment decision or have been awarded public funding.

With this in mind, the majority of these developments, which are set to make a cleaner and greener planet for the future, will have to be dependent upon positive legislative indications and incentives from governments, which are somewhat lacking in areas.

Dr. Robert Bloom, Service Manager for Delta-EE’s Global Hydrogen Intelligence Service, said, “To date, many green hydrogen projects have been planned and announced in Europe, but relatively few have reached final investment decision. Our research suggests that 2022 could be the year where we see the necessary policy environment develop that could drive projects in the tens or even hundreds of megawatts towards coming online.

Focusing solely on the UK, the soon to be released UK Hydrogen Business Model, the wider Net Zero Hydrogen fund and the already released UK Hydrogen Strategy all aim for regulatory framework to be in place.

Building on this, Delta-EE suggests that if the necessary policy environment is achieved, 2022 could represent a tipping point for a flurry of activity. And, with over 6 GW of announced projects now planned by the end of 2024, the focus must shift to providing a policy environment that allows these projects to reach reality.

“Long-term incentives and long-term policy will allow de-risking of projects. This will give developers confidence that project finances are viable, and customers can be provided with a cost-effective solution leading to the green lighting of a number of the planned projects in the UK and Europe.”


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