The terminal and station forms part of Douglas County PUD’s larger initiative to produce hydrogen at a new facility in East Wenatchee, with the refuelling station expected to be built nearby.

Under the contract, OneH2 will supply storage trailers, buffer tanks, and a variety of other modular components which will be used on both the public and production sides of the project.

Expected to produce two tonnes of hydrogen each day at full capacity, with the pilot project planned to be completed in July 2023, H2 View understands the hydrogen production is set to be powered by Douglas County PUD’s Wells Hydroelectric project on the Columbia River.

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Meaghan Vibber, Public Information Officer with Douglas County PUD, said, “The ability to create hydrogen with power from our Wells Hydroelectric Project on the Columbia River is a great example of clean resources supporting each other in decarbonisation efforts.”

For OneH2, the partnership kickstarts the firm’s expansion of its hydrogen fuelling stations and infrastructure for industrial transportation, heavy machinery, and commercial vehicles.

Prathamesh Dabholkar, General Manager of Infrastructure at OneH2, said, “OneH2 is delighted to be partnering with Douglas County PUD on both the hydrogen production and retailing side. We are excited to see government agencies embracing hydrogen as their future.

“Our unique method of fuel distribution through our 931 bar high-pressure carriers will allow faster deployment, a concise and modular footprint, and much higher efficiency.”

In 2021, OneH2 joined forces with General Motors and Navistar to deliver a complete hydrogen long-haul transportation solution, from vehicles to infrastructure, with the North Carolina firm offering its station and production solutions to the project.

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