Designed for modular deployment, the new innovation is comprised of four 2.5kW AFC Energy “S” series air cooled fuel cell stacks with integrated battery storage. With this the system is able to cut customers’ reliance on diesel and support decarbonisation targets.

Suitable for a variety of environments, the Power Tower can perform in harsh outdoor environments and achieve full power within just 30 seconds from start-up, offering quick and reliable power.

Adam Bond, CEO at AFC Energy, said, “AFC Energy continues to innovate to meet the needs of our customers and partners as we collectively seek to transition towards a more sustainable energy future.

“The Power Tower offers an energy dense, yet highly efficient off-grid power solution designed to displace fossil fuelled generators and demonstrates that AFC Energy is not just a global technology company, but also an innovator in product design and deployment.”

Already, ACCONIA and Keltbray have shown great interest in the innovation and will have their own Power Tower’s operational in the middle of the year (2022).

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