The new station will be supplied by US-based PDC Machines and will produce up to 20kg of hydrogen daily, offering a 700 bar refuelling capability.

Australian gas technology company ENGV will also help develop the site, providing local integration, installation and ongoing operational services.

Once operational, the new station will replace the company’s existing hydrogen station, which has been operational since 2014.

With faster refuelling capabilities, the new site will enable the Hyundai Nexo vehicle to travel up to 666km on a single tank of fuel, with a refuelling time of less than five minutes.

Ted Lee, CEO of Hyundai Motor Company Australia, said, “This investment forms part of Hyundai’s long-term commitment to a zero-emission future for Australia.

“Hydrogen fuel cell mobility is anticipated to play an integral role in the country’s transition to cleaner drivetrains and we intend to help lay the stepping-stones toward making this vision a reality.”

Sean Blythe, CEO of ENGV, added, “We are excited to bring our hands-on experience developing hydrogen refuelling infrastructure across Australia to the HMCA project.

“Together with Hyundai, we are committed to growing the country’s hydrogen sector in a safe and sustainable way.”

As well as benefiting Hyundai themselves, the new station also hopes to help grow the Australian hydrogen mobility sector.

Hyundai: Leading the way for hydrogen-powered SUVs in the US

© Hyundai

Offering the only hydrogen-powered SUV in the US market, Hyundai Motor Company prides itself in its commitment to clean energy and fuel cell stack technology.Hyundai started its commitment to hydrogen around 21 years ago, right at the turn of the century, and since that point the vehicle manufacturer has not looked back.

The NEXO, Hyundai’s latest fuel cell vehicle offering, was launched in 2019 and has since taken the Californian market by storm, with approximately 400-500 units running in the sunshine state right now.

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